Do the actors and actreses really have sex in HBO’s “Tell Me You Love Me”?

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slykwylie07 asked:

I just saw episode six and the sex scene with ( I believe her name is– ) Katie and the new guy looked very real because it
showed hit balls and the base of his penis under her.

I know its easy to create the illusion but she didn’t look like she was wearing any garment or any usual tricks they use.

Also, I also know that occasionally they really do perform actual sex acts on film like in that one movie shown at the Cannes Film Festival where the female lead performs fellatio on the male lead when in real life they are a couple.

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Beatrice C

I do not believe they are having actual sex, but it is still pretty graphic and lets face it a lot of nudity is involved. The first episode was pretty shocking, but the story lines have started to develop and they are now relying more on plot rather than shocking us with graphic sex scenes. I’m still watching…..

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